Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Honda Nova Speed Racer via HIN Magz :

Concept of this Honda Nova is "Speed Racer" and "Concept Car Design". This car body is made by hand with galvanized material thickness 0.6-0.8 meters. The design "classic speed racer cars" can seen in the numbers with black and white lines from the trunk until bonet with car number in the middle of bonet and body side.

Honda Nova Speed Racer via HIN Magz

Engine-Honda Nova Speed Racer via HIN Magz

Dashboard-Honda Nova Speed Racer via HIN Magz
Whereas the "concept car design" can seen in the design of strong lines, such as the rear bumper to negotiate a triangle design. The roof of the car is designed to integrate between Honda Nova and the Honda CR-X Delsol with custom touches that give a good aerodynamics. Another provided on this car is air suspension ground clearance that make this car can go down the road even with extreme views.


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